Good Day/Bad Day

Today was a day of both victory and defeat. My short story Sock Puppets was published on Six Sentences an awesome first for me and something of which I’m very excited — but  my slightly longer piece of flash, Kaiju in the Big City, was rejected by Every Day Fiction. This is the second time that particular piece has been denied publication, so I’m thinking it’s time to take it back to the drawing board. I’ve got some ideas for a complete rewrite that’ll probably make it a little more interesting. After the fix, I’ll put it back out there in the world and see if somebody likes it. I just dig the title, so I don’t want to let it go. Giant monsters have been denied the public eye long enough. It’s time; it’s time.

Oh, and I’ve started two new pages — one for victories and one for defeats, i.e. acceptance and rejection. I thought it would be fun to chronicle both.


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