I’ve been actively avoiding working on my novel for the past few days. I’m calling it writers block, but really it’s more akin to laziness. Rather than work on the book, I piddle around in front of keyboard, stare blankly at my laptop screen or open several of my older stories and read those. Then I might make a few corrections or changes to one of those pieces, and afterwards flip around the internet for a few under the pretense of looking or online publications.

Although there is some doubt as to the direction in which the book’s story is heading, which is giving me pause, I think I have some good ideas for future pages and really just need to get working again. I’ve committed myself to 500 words a day, which would be easy if I just sat and did it during my free time, like now. Instead, I think I’ll just click around on my own blog for a while, or reread what I just wrote.


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