Taisokage and the MADS

Something fun to read today. Back when I was developing ideas for that thing I’m writing, I wrote a “fun” little excerpt from a television show called Taisokage and the Monster Attack Defense Squad, a Saturday morning children’s program in the vein of Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and the Japanese Super Sentai series upon which Power Rangers is based. There is also a cheesy, Scooby-Doo kind of vibe to it as well. I love that corny stuff.

I originally planned for the excerpt to be used periodically throughout the story, but have since dropped the idea. The show is still mentioned, however, so the idea didn’t totally go to waste. Anyway, I thought this would be a good home for it.

In the actual story, Taisokage is a giant, firebreathing lizard monster reminiscent of Godzilla. He’s a big guy, of course, kind of mean with a real love of destroying architecture. There’s just something about running one’s claws through mortar, steel and glass that gets the cold blood pumping, you know? Anyway, he’s very villainous; but, at the time the show was “made” no one really thought of the monsters that way. Long story short, people and monsters co-existed fairly peacefully: People in the major cities and whatnot, and giant monsters on their Pacific island home. Of course, that all changes.

Anyway, although the book stabs at humor, the tone of this “excerpt” doesn’t really match the rest. Just be aware of that. Enjoy. Please.

Theme song from Taisokage and the Monster Attack Defense Squad

Taiso….Taiso….Taiso….Taiso-KAGE and the Monster Attack Defense Squad

From the Island of Monsters and through the sea
Rises the defender of humanity.
A prehistoric hero from out of the past,
He’ll burn away our foes with a fiery blast.

Taiso….Taiso….Taiso….Taiso-KAGE and the Monster Attack Defense Squad

With M-A-D-S on their side, ready to strike
The people of Megatropolis can sleep at night
Jax is the leader and he’s ready to fight
While Thron is strongest when he’s knocking out lights
And Kendara whose intelligence is her might
While Fillip’s computer skills provide them with sight
And Skip enjoys a party with his best friend Spike

It’s Taiso….Taiso….Taiso….Taiso-KAGE and the Monster Attack Defense Squad

Evil monsters better beware,
Sailfin will always be there
With a tongue of flames and fist of spikes
Sailfin is ready to strike

With a swing of his tail,
Monsquito will fail.
With a swipe of his claw
Vislor will fall.
With a kick of his leg
Krakagon will beg.
With a whiff of his breath,
Kang smells his death.

Taiso….Taiso….Taiso….Taiso-KAGE and the Monster Attack Defense Squad


Int. Monster Central mess hall – Day

All members of the Monster Attack Defense Squad (M.A.D.S.) are sitting around the underwater base’s dinner table, enjoying a meal after a period of relative quietude.

JAX, THRON and KENDARA are all enjoying a conversation while SKIP tries to slip a small piece of food to SPIKE, the talkative and friendly son of Taisokage, who is trying to hide his massive body under the table, but has only managed to slip his head beneath, his huge backside still clearly visible.
Jax nods his head toward Skip and Spike with a smile, prompting his two companions to look toward their youngest member and share in a laugh.

(still chuckling)
Now Skip, I know you’re not trying to slip Spike some human food. You know we don’t know what kind of effect that may have on him. He’s a monster, and needs monster food.

(looking down)

Oh, jeez, Jax. But Spike hates that nasty ole’ monster food.

(knocking over the table as he raises his head from beneath it. The table cloth remains draped over his head comically as he speaks in his deep, slow voice)

Yeah, Mr. Jax. I can’t stand that gross monster food. I’d love to have a big slice of pepperoni pizza right about now.

(letting loose a booming laugh, shaking his huge belly)

So would I! But we do not know the effects Pepperoni pizza might have on a monster tummy, comrade.

The friends all enjoy a good laugh, except for Spike who sighs loudly and hangs his head, the table cloth still draped atop it. Suddenly, the red light of the Monster Attack Warning Alarm begins flashing, it’s buzzing echoing throughout Monster Central, signaling a monster attack somewhere in the world.

Looks like it’s time to go back to work guys.

(hands on hips, coughs loudly)

(grins innocently)

And Kendara, of course.


That’s better.
(looks at “camera” and shrugs)

The MADS enter their communication chamber, which features a huge video-computer system. Helming the room-sized machine is Fillip, a loyal, humanoid robot that handles communications for the team, keeping them in constant contact with the outside world. As the team approaches, Fillip is frantically working to secure the location of the latest monster attack.

(approaching the computer station)

Fillip, give me a report. What are we looking at?

(his aural transmitters emit a voice that is both calm and metallic)


(pounding his huge, cyborg fist into his equally huge human palm)

Ze royal wolf-beast! I thought we destroyed him during our fight on Lygon 4.

(turning toward his giant friend)

So did I, Thron. So did I. But, it seems as if King Vislor has yet to learn his lesson. Fillip, ring the bell; it looks like school’s back in session. Suit up team!

Cut to standard close up of Fillip’s robotic finger mashing the big, red deployment button. Cut to standard collage of team suiting up while theme song plays in background. Cut to standard “camera” pan over all of the team’s vehicles. Cut to standard scene of team loading into the SPEAR [Special Planet Earth Aerial Rocket] Cut to shot of fire bursting forth from the ship’s engines, catapulting the ship out of the base through a long tunnel. The ship bursts forth from the ocean with a tremendous spray of water and rockets into the air, speeding the team toward New Megatropolis City and the emergency therein.

Scene three: [Exterior, New Megatropolis City]

The team huffs and puffs, out of breath from their drawn-out, losing battle with King Vislor and taking solace of the rooftop of one of the city’s still-standing buildings. The energy from their laser weapons depleted, the team is running out of options for defeating the wolf-beast. King Vislor continues his rampage through the city, as the evil space-witch Exaltra mocks team from the safety of a nearby building.

(with an evil, mocking laugh)

Did you really think you could stop me, Monster Attack Defense Squad?
(she cackles wickedly as the camera pans over the panting team)
You had no hope of defeating one as powerful as I. It was through my power that King Vislor was freed from his captivity in the asteroid prison, and it is by my command that he destroys New Megatropolis City, and then the rest of this pathetic world. Did you really think three measly humans could stop someone with that kind of power? Bow before me humans. Only through unconditional surrender will I spare your meaningless lives.

Cut back to the weakened team, who are shaking their heads in disgust at the space-witch’s vile ultimatum.

(panting in exhaustion, his robot arm holding up his heavy weight as he kneels atop the building)

Vell, Jax and Kendara, eet vould seem ve are, as you American’s vould say, up ze creek vithout a paddle. Vhat now?

(turning to Jax)

I hate to admit it, but it seems that Thron is right. We’ll never be able to defeat Exaltra and King Vislor without a little help.

(nodding in agreement)

I know, I know. We need Taisokage’s aid. Unfortunately, my communicator was damaged during the melee. Our only hope is that Skip and Spike have noticed our predicament from the ship’s monitor and are sending out the signal for Taisokage at this very minute.

Camera cuts Kendara and Thron giving each other wary looks. Simultaneously, the two teammates rub their hands over their faces.

Scene 4: [Interior, ship]

Skip and Spike are playing a game of Kwelzat in the ship’s cargo hold, the only place in which Spike can comfortably fit.

(as he looks back and forth from his cards to the holo-board)

Gosh, Spike, we never get to have any fun. Jax, Thron and Kendara are out there fighting monsters, saving the world and having the time of their lives, and what are we doing? We’re stuck here in the cargo hold, playing kids’ games. Got any qualtrons?

(looking over his cards, which are tiny in his massive, clawed, scaly hands)

No, go fish. I don’t know, Skip, I kind of like the peace. Sometimes I wish I could just settle down and forget all of this monster fighting stuff. Maybe get a nice, regular job, pay my bills and just enjoy life to the fullest.

Cut to shot of Skip’s face, which is slack-jawed with one eyebrow cocked in amazement.

(shaking his head to knock away the shock)

Are you kidding me? We’re heroes! Well, not us, but we work with heroes on a daily basis. We live a life full of adventure and danger, where we never know what will happen around each surprising turn! Who would want to give that up for some boring old bill-paying job?


You just don’t understand, Skip. It’s tough being the son of a heroic monster like Dad. Always living in his shadow; never being able to compare. I can’t even breathe fire. All I can manage is blowing a bunch of smoke from my nostrils. I mean, what if I’m a disappointment? What if nobody thinks I can be a hero?

(looking up from his cards with a saddened expression)

Oh, Spike. You don’t have to worry about something like that.. You’re still learning. You’ll make it as a hero. In fact, I’ll be you’ll be even more powerful and heroic as your dad. You’ll see.

(shaking his head)

I just don’t know. What if …

Spike’s confused contemplation is interrupted by the ringing of the ship’s alarm, meant to alert the passengers. Fillip’s voice buzzes over the ship’s speaker system. Both Skip and Spike start, the latter falling backwards and landing on his spiky back.


(hopping up quickly)

Oh, gosh! The monitor! I completely forgot about the fight!

(slapping his forehead with the palm of his monstrous hand)

Flaming firebreathers, Skip! We’re in big trouble now!

(sitting in front of the monitor and typing on the terminal’s keypad)
Not yet Spike. Besides, I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m sure I’m going to turn on this monitor and see that the rest of the MADS have the situation well in ha…

Skip fails to complete his thought, for as he switches on the large monitor, he is shocked to see an image of his teammates being blasted by a laserbeam, loosed from the deadly eyes of the space-witch Exaltra.

Cut to a shot of both Skip and Spike, both wide-eyed staring at the flashing screen and simultaneously swallowing loudly with a “gulp.”

(nervously hopping from one let to the other)

Flaming firebreathers, Skip! The gang’s in real trouble! What are we going to do now?


Don’t panic, Spike. I’ve got this under control. It’s time to call in the big guns.
(Skip begins to type furiously on the mammoth computer system’s massive keyboard, a determined look etched on his face.)

(looking even more nervous)

You mean my Dad?


Flaming firebreathers, Skip … I don’t think Dad’s gonna like this.

Like it or not, Spike, we need his help.

With this final word on the matter, Skip slams his palm down on the big, red button, activating the Taisokage signaling beacon. Cut to [Ext. Ship] where animated concentric circles, seemingly emerging from the ship, represent the beacon being sent forth across the world. Cut to [Ext. Ocean] where the circles continue to make their way to Taisokage’s ear. Cut to [Int. Taisokage’s underwater cave] where we see the beast deep in slumber. However, as the concentric circles reach him, we cut to a close up of one of Taisokage’s eyes opening. Cut to [Ext. Ocean] where we hear the lizard-beast’s mighty roar, followed almost immediately by an explosion of water as Taisokage breaches the surface. Cut to a shot of Taisokage swimming away from the camera, toward our endangered heroes.

Scene 7 [Ext. Megatropolis]

Establishing shot shows the city laid to ruin, a smoldering collection of broken buildings and decimated streets. Cut to a shot to our heroes, standing atop one of the few remaining buildings, with Taisokage leaning casually against the structure.

(looking concerned)

Well, we won the fight against Exaltra, but at what cost?

(patting his monster friend on the back)

Don’t worry pal, the city will rebuild. It always does.

(ruffling playfully through Skip’s hair)

That’s right, Skip. Everything will be back to normal in no time.

(placing an arm around Jax)

And we’ll be here to help.

(lifting Kendara in the air with one mighty arm)

And we always will be.

The group looks to each other and nods simultaneously, just as Taisokage lets loose a might roar.


I think our friend Taisokage is trying to tell us something.

Yeah, ‘Get to work.’

Oh, man. Do we have to?

The group, sans Spike and Skip, breaks into knowing laughter as the scene fades to black and the episode ends.


2 thoughts on “Taisokage and the MADS

  1. Naturally I love this stuff- but to be really in the vein you’ve got to have dialogue like this:

    An ear-splitting klaxon alarm goes off- the camera shakily zooms in on a flashing red light marked plainly, “Monster Alarm.”

    Everyone’s head immediately turns and stares at the blinking light.

    Jax- “The monster alarm!”

    Just help’n out – Dad

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