Awesome…possibly Awezome

That’s right, Awesome with a Z, signifying the most Xtreme of Awesomes. Lately, my friends, the writing has been going well. As I’m sure anyone who writes anything — be it poetry, fiction, essay, research paper or diary entry — knows, sometimes the dagburn words just don’t want to come out of your flippin’ head, preferring to stay crammed up there, just a fingertip’s reach away from grasp. Assholes.

But lately…lately they’ve been practically dancing into my palms and pulling my fingers down over them like a blanket. Over the last two days I’ve plugged a little more than 2,000 words into Strange Beasts, which is a decent pace for me, at least ahead of my goal of 500 words a day. Since my job requires a full day of writing to begin with, the prospect of coming home and sitting down to a keyboard isn’t exactly the most appealing in the world. Sometimes, though, I can’t help but get really excited about the story I have to tell and just go for it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. (That’s my girly scream, by the way — high pitched and frantic.)

I’m still working on section two of the story, which is growing increasingly long…hopefully not too long. As it is with those ladies in Midol commercials, bloating frightens me. I’ve got a lot of characters being juggled around, and keeping track of their personalities and whatnot has been a challenge. I also fear I’m breaking the cardinal rule of giant monster movies: don’t focus on the humans. In this case, however, the humans are definitely an integral to the story, which still revolves around the monsters. No subplots about bank heists or anything like that. No sir.


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