As promised, I reworked and resubmitted my short, potato chip of a short story Just One to Flash Me Magazine after receiving my polite but still disheartening rejection letter. Just days later, the story’s set to be published. Awesome. It’ll appear in the April 30 issue of the online magazine.

This also represents the first time I’ve ever been paid for a piece of fiction — a hefty sum of $5, which is more than I make in a week slinging words for the newspaper. I’m thinking about adding on a new wing to the house, though the price of cardboard is awfully high these days.

Truthfully, I’ll probably frame a crisp $5 bill. If saving your first dollar shapes future fortune, imagine what five dollars can do. That’s, like, five times as much.

In the comments they sent me, all six editors who read the story said they enjoyed it, which is great. I’m not sure if that says more about my ability to construct a well-told story or my ability to change what I’ve written to match somebody else’s wants and needs. The world may never know, not that it really matters; Just One is an infinitely better story now than it once was. I really hope others enjoy it, too.


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