Odd Excerpt

I’ve decided I’m too lazy to actually write new information about the novel. So, instead of typing up a bunch of information, I thought I might just copy an excerpt — one completely devoid of context — from the rough version and paste it below for your reading enjoyment. The following may or may not make any sense, and may or may not entice you to read any more as I continue on this venture. We’ll see, I suppose.

It was no secret the war had been costly for every government in the world. United States leadership in particular – warring senators and pissy congressmen – used the decade-long battle against the giant monsters as an excuse to wage tiny battles of their ow; however, these usually resulted in less structural damage. The US military spent trillions battling the giant monsters – money spent on building large anthropomorphic robots which they claimed would mentally disarm their opponents; research on laser and sonic technologies for use in new forms of tanks (both the land roving and airborne varieties); and, of course, training for elite groups of soldiers like the International Agency for the Suppression of Nonstandard Animals (IASNA), which naturally required its own vast cache of advanced weaponry along with the secret base – one buried deep within a mountainside — in which to keep it all.

Now that the war’s over, billions are being spent each year on the recovery effort. Most major cities around the world were at least partially destroyed by the onslaught of giant monsters, leaving millions of people homeless or, in less severe cases, without basic necessities like food, water or television. Naturally, US citizens turned to their local leadership for support, who in turn looked to their state leadership who looked to federal guidance, this last of which simply shrugged its shoulders and essentially said, “I’ll try my best,” which turned out to be a series of federal programs designed to bring swift aid to millions of displaced citizens but really did little but waste money and piss a lot of people off. Still, the process continued and still continues, and the country’s leaders offer their sympathy and promise they’re “doing the best” they can.


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