Adventures in Walmart

Two things:

First, this kid runs up to his mom and dad clutching a DVD copy of Avatar in his sweaty little hands.

“Mom, Dad, can we get this? Can we get Avatar?” He’s practically screaming at them.

Dad relents.

“Yeah, yeah. We can get it.”

Mom, on the other hand, is more thrifty.

“No, honey. That’s $20.”

“Nuh-uh,” says the kid. “It’s $19.”

Ahhh, kids. Stupid, literal kids.


Some dude has pulled his car into the “No Parking” zone in the front of the store. He begins yelling at a passing employee returning from her smoke break.

“Hey…hey…can you take this back in real quick?” He’s waving one of those Redbox movies around like a flag.

“Honey, I can’t touch those things,” she says before turning and heading inside the store.

The little red DVD case lowers, as does the man’s face. He was so disappointed.


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