Cracking the Whip

So, it’s been three months since I’ve updated, which is by far enough time to dwell on how I haven’t updated in, like, forever. Well, I’m back and I’m still working on The Novel. Although my work has slowed somewhat due to incurable laziness and stubborn refusal to finish any single thing I attempt, it’s still coming along. I will say this, however: Writing can be pretty damn difficult. I’m currently floundering in the final section of the tale with probably twenty or so more pages to be told.

I’ll be so happy … and by “happy” I mean “relieved” … when this first draft is done and I can actually take time to go back and make the damn thing worth reading. Right now, it ain’t. Thank you, world, for your patience with me.

3 thoughts on “Cracking the Whip

    • Ha! Thanks for the well-wishes. I need them.

      Tell the truth, I’m not sure how I got through it. I’ve been trying to work on a followup, but goings are slow because just thinking about all that work is torturous. My stomach’s twisting just typing about it. Ugh.

      • Dear Trying,
        O no!! Are you on a deadline?
        I prescribe Romancing the Stone.
        Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
        Have you ever seen that one?
        I think you should take a break.

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