Vacationing With the Undead

I reject the idea that we have far too many zombies infesting popular culture — games, books, movies, etc. — these days. The abundance of zombie-related media only furthers our understanding of these horrors and better prepares the masses for the inevitable outbreak. You’ll be happy you played Dead Rising 2 when you’re sawing through the masses of undead with a couple of chainsaws attached the ends of a kayak paddle.

Dead Island looks great, by the way. I’m really excited about a serious zombie game. There need to be more games that focus on the actual survival portion of the zombie apocalypse. How else are we supposed to train? I’m also very much digging the idea of role-playing different characters with different abilities. Sounds great for replay value, kind of like the awesome sinking-ship survival platformer S.O.S. for the SNES. By the way, if you haven’t seen the original trailer, it’s both sad and awesome. Oh, and posted below. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Vacationing With the Undead

  1. I have, and the one with the lyrics that describe exactly what’s happening on screen, which is still sad in spite of its silliness. Good stuff all the way around.

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