Mixed Feelings

As a huge fan of both director Guillmero del Toro’s work and giant monster movies, and a person who has devoted the last year of his life to writing a giant monster novel, I am both excited and devastated by the following news, delivered to me via snarky website The AV Club:

Pacific Rim is set in a world where, in November 2012, giant monsters began emerging from a hole in the Pacific Ocean and wreaking havoc on Japan, leaving the nation devastated, and all but wiping out the population. The film mostly takes place some decades later, when the only hope for the “leftovers” are giant battling robots commanded by young pilots, two of whom will head through the monsters’ portal to find the “Anteverse” and fight them there at the source. Obviously, this sounds like a worthy concept for del Toro, what with the combination of fantastical creatures and advanced technology, and the chance for him to create one of his patented magical worlds in the alternate monster universe. And more than likely, the film’s development will not be significantly affected by the tragedy in Japan, given that it’s not scheduled to begin filming until next fall and won’t see release until 2013…

Great. Just great. I mean, I’m sure it’ll be awesome, but with another American Godzilla movie also in the works, I’m afraid folks are likely to think I’m a Johnny-Come-Lately to this whole giant monster thing. Guess what folks — I’m a Johnny-Come-Been-There. I was totally into monsters before they were, like, super popular. Now, I’m no better than those asshats who wrote Youth Adult novels about young wizards seducing young vampires in the wake of Harry Potter and Twilight. Just the kind of thing with which I want to be associated.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Trust me.


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