A Distant Rumbling

Godzilla – Gareth Edwards Exclusive Interview Video – IGN.

And just like a skyscraper falling beneath the mighty blow of giant monster, my hopes for the new American Godzilla movie have come tumbling down.

If you haven’t yet seen it, IGN has an interview with Godzilla director Gareth Edwards. In it, Edwards does the polar opposite of creating excitement. It’s kind of a marvel. When asked why he thinks Godzilla has been so loved over the decades, Edwards buckles like a collapsing bridge, stumbling over a bunch of disconnected statements until finally concluding that everybody must like him for different reasons. Thank you good sir. Also, the 1954 movie is his favorite — which in and of itself would be fine if he didn’t then immediately admit that he only saw the other films after he had been named the new film’s director. Great.

I hear a distant rumbling, like the footfalls of some dread beast come to squish us all beneath its toes. This bodes ill.


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