Couple of quick updates:

1.) Because I’m feeling brave, I sent off a few copies of Stange Beasts to some family members and a single friend. In addition to being terrified by their reactions, I’m also a little depressed that there are apparently so few people in this world I trust. Huh.

2.) Because there’s no rest for either the wicked or foolhardy, I’ve begun to write my query letter. This will, eventually, be sent out to literary agents across the country, begging them to please, please, pretty please at least consider looking at my novel. They will then reply with polite denials of my request, and I will weep in defeat. It’s pretty fun.

Writing a query letter is a new, aneurysm-enducing challenge. Essentially, I have to crumple my 140,000 word tale into a hundred-word paragraph, giving the reader a chance to understand the piece without ever actually looking at it. This small piece of propaganda should, ideally, also reflect my writing style, which is sort of intentionally long-winded. Methinks this isn’t going to go well. I’ll also have to overcome the hurdle of the book’s size, which is too big. Hopefully, my readers will return to me with suggestions of easy cuts, but I can’t be certain. As I said, the story is intentionally long-winded, so cutting it down too much would kind of ruin the “style” — you know, if you want to call it that.

I’ll likely post a few different versions of the letter right here, so that the few of you who look at this page might comment with some thoughts. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.


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