Something Noteworthy

I am happy, see?

I just wanted to give a quick word of thanks to all my readers. According to WordPress’ stalker-esque tracking features, yesterday’s post about my 20th rejection letter has garnered more followers than any of my previous posts. Also, WordPress told me that it stayed up all night looking at surveillance photos of me using the bathroom and has come to the realization that the two of us are meant to be together forever and that 500 feet isn’t nearly enough distance to keep it from “perceiving every beat of my heart” and “cherishing each recorded word from my lips as if they were the whispers of its dying grandfather.”

Thanks, WordPress.

To my new followers, I say, “Welcome.” I hope I don’t let you down. [Whispered spoiler alert: I probably will.]

That said, this kind of solidifies my fears that people delight in my failings. I can’t wait to rub that fact in my supportive mother’s face.


5 thoughts on “Something Noteworthy

    • Very true – but:1) The SA bearing speed is very low.2) There is plenty of area radiating / mass conducting heat away.3) There’s a big hot freakin’ engine a fraction of an inch away from (and upstream of) ALL swingarm pivots.4) There’s usually an exhaust collector near swingarm pivots.5) Warm grease in the SA bearings improves suspension compliance (OK – that one is BS for the ad writtrs).Eieher way, I’ll bet some weirdo mil-spec high$ grease gets used.

    • The Village Voice really was a Trotskyite rag of the worst kind, very anti-Israel and the type of "newspaper" which would have supported Adolf Hitler from August 1939 right up until June 22, 1941. As for the East Village, you are correct – it is a trendy overly expensive place with a Starbucks on virtually every corner. I always suspected that most of the readers of The Village Voice actually were trust fund babies who romanticized poverty by living like pigs in bug infested apartments and liked pretending that it was St. Petersburg, Russia in 1918.

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