We’ve Got to Go

We’ve Got to Go

You’ve got to get up.
We’ve got to go.
No time to ask, “What?”
OK. You’ve asked.
No time to explain.
We’ve got to run.
Please. Do not detain.
Look, here’s the thing.
We’re in trouble, see?
Bad thing’s coming.
It’s just past those trees.
Right there. There…THERE!
God, just use your eyes.
Past the shadows.
Jeez…Look at its size.
We’ve got to go.
Stop resisting, dude.
What the heck’s up
With your attitude?
You’re always like
This. Giving me guff.
Causing trouble.
Well, I’ve had enough.
I’m just trying
To save your dumb hide.
If that’s so wrong,
Then stay here and die.
Won’t bother me.
No skin off my back.
But don’t cry when
You’re under attack
And bleeding to
Death there on the ground.
Guess what? My butt
Will not be around.
I’m gone. Vamoose.
Like poop down the john.
Not concerned how
You’re getting along.
Like light in dark
Or dry in the rain.
I’ll make scarce while
You’re writhing in pain.
Like dust in the…
What? You’ve had enough?
At last, let’s move.
No, just forget your stuff.
Just leave it there.
Ugh. Come on. For real?
I don’t want to
End up that thing’s meal
For that kettle.
Just the leave the backpacks.
Drop your DS.
Forget all those snacks.
Look, just get new
Stuff when far from harm.
No, I will not
Stop pulling your arm.
We’ve got to g…
Oh. Now it’s too late.
Here that thing comes.
Well that’s bleeping great.
Just look at those
Claws, ready to rend.
Five scimitars
About to descend.
There goes my arm.
Swell, now I’m bleeding.
Yeesh. That’s your face.
Don’t you start pleading.
I warned you, dude,
But you’re paced like glue.
Heck, I even
Die quicker than you.
It’s your fault; you
Ignored what I said.
I wanted to leave.
And now, we’re both dead.
Just one request,
Then we’ve got to go:
Don’t look me up
When we’re down below.



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