Sock Puppets

[Originally published on February 02, 2010 on Six Sentences. You can read that version here.]

Sock Puppets

There was a moment there when they just looked at each other in drawn silence: Ash, hand still on the door, and Renee, hand up one of Ash’s missing socks, her palm open so that the little face she had drawn on the dirty white cotton looked as shocked as they both were.

Ash thought to herself, What are you doing, Renee? and So that’s where my socks have been going, and I shouldn’t have come home early, but she didn’t say any of this.

Her roommate tried to explain:

“It’s just something I like to do. I only took the ones that looked dirty; that you were probably going to throw away anyway.”

Ash just nodded, told Renee it was “OK” and slowly stepped back through the door into the apartment complex’s third floor hallway. She was certain that one of them had done something to make the other feel awkward, but wasn’t sure who.



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