A Small Victory

Strange Beasts just received its first ever rating on Goodreads: 3 Stars! That’s the kind of “I sort of like it” mediocrity to which I aspire.

In all honesty, it’s really awesome to see some simple feedback, even if it’s just a rating without comments. It gets me pumped up about writing stuff. And writing’s my job, which means I’m never…ever…pumped up about it. That’s just not the American way.

By the way, said Goodreads user rated Strange Beasts higher than Catcher in the Rye (which he gave 1 star) and The Grapes of Wrath (2 stars). So, based on that info, I feel fairly comfortable in making the following gross exaggeration:

Goodreads user(s) found Adam Armour’s Strange Beasts in a Small Town to be equal to the masterpiece works of JD Salinger and John Steinbeck combined! Pick up your copy today!

Too  much hyperbole? Nah. Not enough hyperbole, I say.

Don't be sad, John. I'm sure you'll make it big someday.

Don’t be sad, John. I’m sure you’ll make it big someday.


6 thoughts on “A Small Victory

    • I don’t mind the star system too much, although well-considered, detailed opinions are obviously preferred. I have three nice reviews on Amazon, however, only one of which was written by my father…who, by the way, gave me four stars. Out of five. Four. I thought all those fake reviews from family members were meant to bolster your score. That’s my father, though: Honest to a fault. A big…soul-crushing…fault.

  1. You’re right, family members can’t be trusted. My dad only lived long enough to read my first novel. I showed him one rather critical review–and he said he agreed with it!

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