The Second Sonnet

Sonnet #2: Weekday Morning Plea

Unkind director of my sleeping course,
Please have mercy, for I am not that strong.
I am not a match for your soothing force;
I have no will against your silent song.
Please leave me be, oh mighty god of sleep.
Just let me stay awake a while longer.
No sawing of logs; no counting of sheep;
Nothing that makes your gentle strength stronger.
I should not stop to rest at this morn hour,
The bright sun inside the window shining.
The clock of weariness chimes however,
And I am a victim of its timing.
Alas, I feel my fighting is in vain;
I embrace you and fall asleep again.

Um...that's the wrong Sandma...just forget it.

Um…that’s the wrong Sandma…just forget it.

2 thoughts on “The Second Sonnet

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