…Looky what the UPS man dragged in this afternoon.

My books

I really should have tried to hock a couple of copies off on the guy. Have you seen how much those delivery dudes make? It’s far more than some lowly photojournalist at a tiny Mississippi newspaper, believe you me. I mean, he probably would have at least bought a few pity copies…I can look pretty pathetic.

I’m a terrible salesman.


2 thoughts on “Well…well…well…

  1. Congratulations! Are these the first physical copies you’ve held? I love your cover, and your synopsis reminds me of my childhood when my brothers and I watched every monster movie out there. Good luck with your book. Self-publishing is grand!

    • Thanks so much. Yeah, this is the first retail copy … I had a proof copy before it. I tore that thing to shreds.

      Self-publishing is pretty grand. I’ve been bragging about the process and possibilities to everyone within listening distance. I think I’ve made a few enemies over the past few months, or at the very least a few people who will likely cross the street to avoid me.

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