The Fourth Sonnet

My series of terrible sonnets continues. If your feeling masochistic, you can read the previous entries here, here and here.

And now, the fourth sonnet. It is called…


Each of us is supposed to get a turn:
One after another as we arrived.
Please do not take my comments as a spurn,
But I’m not really sure how you’ve survived.
The system that’s in place is quite complex;
There’s lots of moving pieces on the board.
It is no wonder that you are perplexed:
Only the sharpest minds can count to four.
Alas, I fear it is a product of our world,
This constant spinning globe we call our home.
Stop for a moment and it comes unfurled
Tossing waves of ocean and mounds of loam.
Therein lies the lesson for you to learn:
Even the earth itself awaits its turn.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently the most brainmelting puzzle known to mankind.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently the most brain-melting puzzle known to mankind.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth Sonnet

  1. Hey, most of you will probably never see this, but I still want to thank everybody for making this the most “liked” piece of writing on this here blog. I’ll try to keep up this standard of quality. That shouldn’t be too hard to reach since it’s just kind of lying on the ground like a mound of dog poo.

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