Hey you…

…yeah, you. Stop pointing at yourself and get over here.

I just wanted to let you know, this little book I wrote, “Strange Beasts in a Small Town,” is totally free today on Amazon. That’s right, free. No, no…put your darn wallet away. The word “free” implies you don’t have to pay anything for it. All you have to do is skeedaddle over to Amazon.com by following either the link above or by clicking on the cover of the novel below and then hit “buy it now.”

No, I said put your wallet away. Just because the button says “buy it now” doesn’t mean you’ll actually be paying anything for it. It’s free, like I told you earlier. Dummy.

book-cover-Final-Just to let you know, this little sucker’s free because the novel’s premise is pretty similar to the plot of “Pacific Rim,” in theaters right now. The only difference being, instead of a band of giant robots teaming up to battle a race of giant monsters, my novel features a band of small town residents banding together to squabble about giant monsters. I’ll leave it to you guys to determine which one is by far the most awesomest of those two.



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