More Blunt Poetry

Unlike most snooty wordsmiths, I don’t feel like poetry should waste a bunch of time being frou frou and open for interpretation. To the point rhymey stuff … that’s what I like. Previously, I wrote about how much I hated my cat shitting after I just cleaned her litter box. This time, it’s this…

Getting Ready for
Bed is a

Real Pain
In the Ass

Take a piss.
Brush my teeth.
Wash my face.
Take a leak.
Remove clothes
Blow my nose.
Spray saline.
Drain the hose.
PJs on.
Feed the dog.
Catch the cat.
Water the hog.
Off the lights.
Door gets locked.
Check the oven.
Squeeze the mop.
Blow my nose.
Bathroom break.
Check the lock.
Bleed the snake.
Lower the sheets.
Check for fleas.
Sound machine.
Seek relief.
Return to bed.
Pillow flip.
Start to sit.
Another trip.
Back to bed.
Give wife kiss.
Turn off light.
I have to piss.

I hate you and all of your kind.

I hate you and all of your kind.


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