Haiku of Horror #42

They should consider remaking this, only with a shark instead of a bear. I think that would be pretty good.


Big beast eats tourists.
Three men set out to kill it.
Better title: ‘Claws’


3 thoughts on “Haiku of Horror #42

  1. Susan Backlinie, the first victim in Jaws, was an uncredited victim of the bear in Grizzly.

    Also, “Into the Grizzly Maze” with Thomas Jane, Billy Bod Thornton and James Marsden is allegedly a remake of Grizzly.

    Plus I think at one point there was consideration in naming the movie “Claws” at one time to cash in on the “Jaws” craze.

    • You’re full of good information today.

      I enjoyed “Grizzly,” but was shocked at how much of it was carbon copied from “Jaws” … right down to Robert Shaw’s speech. “Orca” ain’t got nothing on this.

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