Exciting news (at least for me)

First, I want to thank every one who has taken time to read even a single sentence of my writing. As something like 96.2% of the writers on the planet will echo, I do it for fun. Having great feedback like yours is real boost to the self-esteem. I get a little charge from each notification of a new follower, like or comment. I mean that.

Since October, most of my posts have been additions to a series of horror-themed haiku creatively titled “Haiku of Horror.” I started writing them at the pithy suggestion of one of my friends, who joked it could be something to accompany my daily Facebook posts about horror movies I was watching. It started as a gag, but I enjoyed the challenge of writing short form poetry, which is not my strong suit, inspired by the horror movies I love.

So, even with October come and gone, I continued writing the poems. Hopefully, you folks have enjoyed them. They seem to be the most popular among my posts. Not that I’ve given them much competition lately.

All of that preamble is basically just to let you folks know I’ve started a blog specifically for Haiku of Horror. You can find it by clicking here or by heading up to your address bar and typing http://haikuofhorror.wordpress.com. There you’ll find all of the haiku I’ve previously posted here, many of which have brand-spanking new introductions (I’m touting that as a feature) as well as all upcoming haiku, which I plan to continue writing until the Internet explodes or I drop dead. Whichever. I’m hoping having a dedicated site will help new people find it, as well as make people on Twitter and other social media sites a little less apprehensive about clicking on a link that has the poster’s name in the address. You know how some folks are. Maybe you’re one of them.

I’d love it if each and every one of you who’s enjoyed reading these silly little poems would head over to the new site and subscribe. Of course, I’ll continue posting stuff here, too (including the next few Haiku of Horror, just to help with the transition), but it will be more rambling dumb stuff like this. Nothing you’d actually want to read.

The site may change slightly over the coming weeks, although I’m happy with the overall design. I’m open to suggestions, of course, of both changes to the site or movies I should watch and write haiku about.

Now, back to the beginning. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for reading the nonsense I write. You make this whole thing fun.



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