No, hell no, etc…

“Well,” he continues, unabated. “I also really, really love giant monsters, which is why I combined my aforementioned admiration of them with my knowledge of small town, southern living into my very first…although currently only…novel, Strange Beasts in a Small Town. It’s everything you love about giant monsters and southern stereotypes, now in written form!”

He turns and kind waves his hand nonchalantly, as if you suggested something for him to dismiss, which of course you didn’t.

“I’m also the member of a secret society of sorts,” he says casually. “Though I’m not permitted to talk about it, naturally. Wouldn’t be much of a secret if I just kept bringing it up to complete strangers and then blabbing to them all about it, right? Right.”

A.) Well all of this is fascinating. I’ll just…[attempt to run away]

B.) Secret society? What’s that?