Haiku of Horror #49

Never don’t not forget that HAIKU OF HORROR now have their own site. If you, like no one else on earth, find tiny little awful poems terrifying, be sure to check it out.

Nothing like a Fulci zombie movie. Well, except for another Fulci zombie movie. But there’s nothing like the both of them put together. It’s like an aardvark smashed together with a platypus.

Here’s a poem.


Hell’s gates have opened
Dead roam among the living
Most haven’t noticed


Haiku of Horror #36

I’m starting to love Italian horror … the funky scores, wonky lip syncing and slow, gruesome deaths. They appeal to that inner part of me that enjoys being both delighted and appalled. Here’s a poem.


Beyond the threshold
Await vast plains of darkness.
Checkout is at ten.